COVID-19 Response and Recovery

As I have from the first pandemic stay-at-home order, I support an evidence-based, scientific, and public health approach to reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and keeping our citizens safe. Our schools opening and businesses succeeding depends on everyone who lives in St. Joseph County working together to contain the spread of the virus. And, we must make the commitment to continue this work until our efforts significantly reduce the number of COVID cases and a vaccine becomes available.

  • As citizens, we must wear masks, keep physical distance, use good handwashing, and limit the size of gatherings to show our commitment to our community. Our leaders must invest in testing and create policies that support the recovery of our people and economy.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the weaknesses in Indiana’s public health, healthcare, and economic infrastructure. For over a decade, state leaders have concentrated nearly all of their efforts at strengthening corporations through yearly tax cuts and investments. At the same time, incomes of working folks in Indiana never recovered completely from the last Great Recession that began in 2008. I want businesses in our community to succeed, but we must create a balance that ensures that people succeed too. We can do both.

  • In January, the Indiana General Assembly will cast votes on the state budget. November’s election results are critical to decisions regarding how our schools are funded and whether or not we invest in people as we recover from the pandemic. My opponent has held office for eight years. During that time, he and the GOP supermajority:

    • Prevented a vote to raise the minimum wage.
    • Voted to allow crushing interest rates on predatory pay-day loans.
    • Failed to pass common sense workplace accommodations for pregnant
    • Supported the state’s participation in a lawsuit to end the Affordable Care
      Act and preexisting conditions.
    • Passed laws to end Indiana’s popular and successful Energizing Indiana
      Plan and rolled back clean energy goals.
    • Have allowed Indiana’s spending on public health to be among the worst
      in the nation.

  • Indiana can’t afford another year of these misplaced priorities as we face the economic and healthcare challenges exposed by the public health crisis. Every issue important to voters is connected to how we recover from the pandemic.

    • 5.4 million Americans have lost their health insurance during the
      pandemic. The percent of uninsured in Indiana is now over 13% up from
      8% last year. It’s time to protect Hoosiers’ healthcare, not take it away.
    • Working people need paid sick leave and paid family leave to take time
      off if they or a loved one becomes ill with COVID-19. It’s how we keep
      our fellow students, teachers, and co-workers safe.
    • It’s far past due for essential Hoosier workers to earn a living wage of
      $15.00 per hour.
    • Our public schools need adequate funding and our teachers need
      competitive salaries that reflect their importance to our children’s futures.
    • Indiana needs a Clean Energy policy that creates jobs and finally, moves
      our state out of the worst ten for air pollution. Energy policy shouldn’t
      make our citizens sick, yet Indiana has very high rates of asthma, placing
      many people at higher risk for COVID-19.

  • Our state needs leaders to understand the connection between access to quality
    medical care, clean air, clean water, a living wage, public education, and positive health outcomes.

  • With your vote, I will be a State Representative that supports policies that invest in education, health, a living wage, clean air and water, and worker protections. I will represent you!