Economic Security

  • By the Numbers

    • No increase in minimum wage since 2009.
    • The average Hoosier makes 87 cents to the $1.00 of the typical American.
    • Indiana’s revenues, rebounded from the 2008 recession by only 8% compared to the national average of over 13%.
  • According to a 2018 Status of Working Families Report from the Indiana Institute of Working Families, working people in Indiana had lost ground over the last twenty years, placing us last in the Midwest for wages and job protections. And this report was completed long before the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in catastrophic job loss.

  • Our neighboring states all faced challenges from the recession that began in 2008 but found a way to balance the need to support businesses and make sure that workers experienced similar growth.

  • Indiana’s pre-pandemic low employment rate should have been a positive indicator of a healthy economy, but if the jobs can’t sustain our Indiana families, then low unemployment alone isn’t a good measure of economic security.

  • As in most of the country, the gap in income between the top 1% of Hoosiers and the other 99% is significant. In Indiana, the top 1% make over 17 times the income of the average worker. The proverbial “rising tide” is not lifting all boats. Indiana’s business friendly public policies have not delivered growth for working people. In fact, Indiana’s right-to-work laws and rejection of the common construction wage have weakened worker protections and reduced their wages.

  • Instead of investing in people by increasing the minimum wage, requiring some degree of paid sick leave, studying paid family leave, and other policies that strengthen individuals and families in Indiana, my opponent, Dale DeVon and the Republican-led General Assembly spent recent years “helping” Indiana workers by pushing loan-shark level interest rates on payday loans exceeding 300%.


  • INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE to compete with neighboring states and provide a living wage to Hoosiers.

  • REINSTATE the Common Construction Wage

  • REPEAL of “Right to Work” law that despite its name, reduces the ability of unions to advocate effectively for worker’s rights. It doesn’t make sense that a union would be required to represent an employee who doesn’t participate in the membership of an employee union.

  • RESTORE the right of collective bargaining to state employees. Following Governor Holcomb’s decision to offer paid family leave to state employees by encouraging private companies to do so and exploring how the state, in cooperation with business could extend this benefit to more citizens.

  • OPPOSE PAYDAY LENDER BILLS that prey on workers with low incomes with loan-shark level interest rates.

  • EXPLORE WAYS TO EXTEND paid sick and family leave to all Hoosiers.