Environment & Job Growth

Science is real. Indiana’s poor air and water quality pose serious health — and economic — concerns for Hoosiers. Indiana’s Republican supermajority has made it easy for corporations to deplete and pollute our natural resources to the detriment of its citizens. Climate change is here and is already affecting us, our kids, grandkids, and future generations. This issue offers entrepreneurs and forward-looking businesses great opportunities in the realm of alternative energy and sustainability.

  • Being Green is Just Good Business:

  • There are many environmentally focused businesses in northern Indiana that have created hundreds of good paying service and manufacturing jobs. In addition to wind and solar energy generation, retrofitting state and federal buildings offers many opportunities for economic growth. A growing economy and a healthy environment can co-exist and benefit us all. All the equipment used to build

  • wind turbines and solar arrays for the growing number of wind and solar farms have to be made someplace. Indiana is known for its advanced manufacturing talents and we should be a leader in the manufacturing of green energy products as well. We need to embrace policies that encourage such investments and risk taking by job creators. We also need to revisit legislation that substantially reduced the incentives for homeowners and business owners to install solar and wind on their properties.