Team Westerhausen's 2020 Guiding Principles: our campaign's "Rules of the Road", established to help us exemplify the best version of ourselves and lead the most inclusive campaign possible.


We represent our campaign, candidate, and ourselves with a sense of respect, always, on the campaign trail and in our own lives. We respect every person, voter, non-voter, Democrat, and Republican because we all share in this community and this team seeks to improve the lives of every constituent, no matter what.


Everyday we work towards our goals as a campaign is another day filled with meaning and passion for our community and our shared values. It is easy to come to work when our work is grounded in substance. We advocate for important issues, no matter how complex the solution.


Teamwork is about recognizing shared goals, lifting each other up, and celebrating every victory together. On this campaign, we welcome diversity in all its forms and recognize, everyday, the strength in teamwork.


Truth telling embodies every one of our interactions with voters. We do not tell falsities to make the case for our candidate, nor do we need to. It is up to us to bring trust back to our political institutions and it starts by telling the truth on this campaign.


Our campaign hopes to bring joy to the political process. Advocating for what you believe in should be joyous. Everyday we will strive to achieve positive change in our community and we will have fun while we do it!


We understand that we don’t always understand what others are going through, and we continue to listen and be advocates for everyone’s needs. Empathy guides us towards a better tomorrow in which we feel more at one with our neighbors in our shared community.