Healthcare is a right not a privilege. A person’s health status affects everything in their lives — their ability to work, go to school, start and care for a family, and to achieve financial security.

  • My opponent believes that Hoosiers’ poor health status is the result of bad decision making on their part. But legislation and public policy play a big role in our personal well being. As your state representative, I will advocate for affordable access to quality healthcare for all Hoosiers, not just those who have jobs or who can afford it.

  • Improving the health of Hoosiers statewide will have an impact on Indiana’s economy, too.

    • Indiana is among the states with the highest healthcare costs in the
      Midwest. That means individuals and businesses pay more, even if they or their employees are in good health.
    • Indiana loses $6+ billion dollars annually due to smoking related
      healthcare costs and employer losses due to absenteeism, disability and
      lost productivity due to smoking.
    • Pollution in our environment increases healthcare costs by significantly increasing the risk of cancer, heart attacks and respiratory illnesses including asthma

  • Going to the doctor or receiving care at a hospital accounts for only about ten percent of a person’s healthcare needs. Public health policy that emphasizes prevention and education – makes a difference. As we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are learning in real time the importance of public health investments. Unfortunately, Indiana continues to be among the 5 states who invest the least in public health in the United States.



  • STOP Indiana’s participation in the lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act to
    protect and maintain Essential Health Benefits including preventive care and women’s health benefits.

  • EXPAND access and coverage for mental health and substance use treatment.

  • KEEP THE MEDICAID EXPANSION that began in 2015 and decrease barriers to enrollment, like burdensome documentation for working Hoosiers.

  • INCREASE INVESTMENT IN PUBLIC HEALTH by increasing the tax on

  • INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE to reduce the non-medical factors that contribute to good health including stable housing, food access, childcare and transportation.