Midwest Cardiovascular Research & Education Foundation

Don is a founder and President of this foundation.  Since 2003, the Midwest Cardiovascular Research & Education Foundation cardiologists and community leaders have committed themselves to supporting research and education that seeks to improve cardiovascular health and clinical outcomes in our service area.

Our foundation works closely with area cardiologists, physicians, healthcare professionals and hospitals to make certain patients have access to participate in cardiac clinical trials.  The knowledge gained from our research provides educational opportunities to doctors and the public to improve cardiac care. 

  1. Our team supports clinical trials geared toward new treatments in our fight against heart disease.  

  2. The foundation also provides scholarship awards to students at the Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend. 

  3. We provide CPR training and financial support for medical continuing education events

  4. We provide cardiovascular medication and support to the underinsured in our community 

You won’t need to leave our community to participate in trials occurring world-wide.  If you have a condition that doesn’t respond to traditional care the work of the Foundation may provide an opportunity or new treatment options.  You’ll receive nearby personal healthcare and you’ll contribute to the fight against heart disease for you and your loved ones and for future generations. 

500 Arcade Ave, Suite 400

Elkhart, IN 46514